CACIB Offenburg

What a great day at IDS Offenburg (DE) ! INDIANA Jantarowa Saga (9 months) – 1 exc, JCAC/JVDH , Alpen Jugendsieger, owner: Agnieszka & Mario Reichlin HURAGAN-F Della Baia Azzurra (23m) – 1exc, CAC/VDH, resCACIB (counts as his 5th CACIB), handler: Carina Hofmann QUEEN AMIDALA of Devoted Dogs (12 m) – 1 exc, JCAC/JVDH, JBOB,…

First show in 2018

Yesterday we participated in CACIB show in Weelde, Belgium. Judged by Mr. Josef Hartich our dogs received the following results: HURAGAN-F Della Baia Azzurra, int. class – 1 exc, CAC, BOS, CACIB QUEEN AMIDALA of Devoted Dogs – 1 very good Unfortunately due to having  hand in gips I was not able to take any…

Huragan in Amsterdam & Brussels

Two very important late year shows,  Amsterdam Winner and Brussels Trophy and two very different results for our big boy, Huragan: 16-12-17, Brussels Trophy – 1/4 excellent, CAC from Mr. M. Bispo (POR) 9-12-2017, Amsterdam Winner – very good from Mr. V.Nataletti (IT) No matter the results, we are always very proud of our Italian…

Huragan @ NDDC Show 2017

NDDC Kampioenschapsclubmatch @ Heteren 10-6-2017 (Dutch Great Dane Club Show): HURAGAN-F Della Baia Azzurra, in  junior class  1/3 excellent, CAC, Best of Opposite Sex Judge: Mr. G. Schogol (GE)

Huragan @ CAC Saarbrucken 2017

HURAGAN- F Della Baia Azzurra – 05.06.2017 CAC Show Saarbruken, junior class – 1st excellent, jCAC, VDH & BOS.  Judge: Mr.Klaus Rücker.

Show update

What a crazy and exciting weekend it was! First, on 29th of April we went with HURAGAN to Amiens, France, to participate in the international dog show and be judged by Mr. Joao Vasco Poças (PT). The result was 2nd excellent/4 in junior class.   The next day we participated in CAC/VDH show in Frankenthal in Germany…

Lovanium Jongehonden & Veteranendag

At the 22nd Lovanium Jongehonden & Veterandag (Young Dogs and Veterans Day) HURAGAN Della Baia Azzurra received 1st excellent in junior class, judged by Mr. N. Deschuymere (BE). Finally the open-air shows!:) We had a really great day, lots of fun and an amazing company.Thank you Mady & Pascale for the pictures!

Huragan becomes a Dutch Junior Champion

On 15th April we participated in the International Dog Show in Goes. Judged by Mr. W.Güllix (D), HURAGAN-F Della Baia Azzurra received 1/3 excellent , resCAC and this way he became a Dutch Junior Champion. For the first time Huragan was shown by Richard and I couldn`t be more proud of my two boys!    …

Happy birthday Atom!

Today our “little” boy became one year old! Time runs so fast when you` re having fun:) Happy birthday to whole  H-Litter Della Baia Azzurra and gigantic THANK YOU to Ksenjia Oseli Donati and Patrizio Donati for this amazing animal! Below pictures of our boy at the age of 12 months and pictures from a double…

Martini Dog Show Groningen

Om 5th March, during the International Dog Show in Groningen, HURAGAN Della Baia Azzurra, judged by Mr. Yossi Guy (IL) in junior class received 1st excellent, Best Junior, Best Opposite Sex titles and CAC! (on the first picture with Judge, Mr. Yossi Guy and Kris & Norah Jones of Devoted Dogs)

We have a Belgian Junior Champion!

Yesterday we participated in the International Dog Show in Weelde (Schaal der Kempen). HURAGAN Della Baia Azzurra received a lot of compliments from a Judge Theo Leenen and finished with a result 1st excellent and Best Junior. Thanks to that, being only 11 months old he fullfilled the requirements to become Belgian Junior Champion! It…

Eindhoven Dog Show

Today we participated in CACIB Show in Eindhoven (NL) . In junior class, judged by A. Korozs (HU), HURAGAN Della Baia Azzurra received 1st excellent and  ResCAC .