ERNESTYNKA “Tusia” Giga La Gothica 2009-2018

We don`t have words to describe the pain after passing away our beloved Tusia.

I always preferred to express my feelings and passions through pictures. That`s why I think that the best way to describe how she was would be to create an-almost-chronological album showing her life with us from 2009-2018.

You can find it on my facebook at this link.


ERNESTYNKA “Tusia” Giga La Gothica
6.07.2009 – 4.06.2018

m: Ch.PL GIGA z Jaśkowej Doliny
(Nestor z Kuźni Napoleońskiej x Althea z Kolonii)
f: I.Ch ECCE ITERUM Pangea
(Makowiec z Kuźni Napoleońskiej x Napoleonka z Kuźni Napoleońskiej )

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