International Dog Show Leuven (BE)

International Dog Show Leuven (BE), 30.10.2016 HURAGAN Della Baia Azzurra, puppy class, Ist very promising and Best Puppy judge: Kazlauskaite Ramune (LT) as usual didnt manage to take any pics IN the ring;)  

Tusia on vacation

The vacation photo gallery wouldn`t be complete without pictures of our 7 years and 3 months old Tusia (ERNESTYNKA Giga La Gothica). Our old lady is not the biggest fan of the sea and water so on the pictures you can rather see her keeping the dry ground;) We run lately into some technical issues…

Atom and the last warm days by the beach

Atom`s page was updated with new pictures taken during our October vacation.  We spend the last warm days of this year traveling through Dutch beaches and lakes, cannot wait to repeat this trip next year!  

Atom`s and Tusia`s journey through Holland

Last week we went with our dogs for the long awaited vacation. What is good unfortunately usually also quickly comes to an end but to keep  those precious memories alive as always we took some pictures. Enjoy the common gallery of 7 years 3 months old Tusia and 6 months old Atom.